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The Deep Leaf Rake Flexi-Net is ideal for scooping up large amounts of debris from the pool, including the floor.  It fits any standard telescopic pole but that is where the holding down to the standard ends.

The Deep Flexi-Net has an extra deep net, allowing huge amounts of debris to be collected.  Beautifully rounded corners of the net make emptying the Deep Flex-Net a breeze – no corners for leaves and twigs to get stuck in.

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The Most Advanced Pool Vacuum in the World

We have been using the same basic cleaning and pool maintenance equipment for years, and putting up with the same problems. Finally Red Leopard has taken the time to completely redesign these products, in this case creating a far superior manual pool vacuum at a fair price.

red leopard vinyl pool vacuum

Red Leopard Manual Pool Cleaners are simply the best for manually vacuuming a pool.

For the first time, disk technology previously only available in automatic cleaners comes to manual pool cleaners. The flexibility of a disk combined with the strength of our Wishbone Frame creates the best possible combination of strength, performance and ease of use.

The Super-Flexible disks (white areas) create a low pressure area at the front and rear, which improves suction for collecting leaves, twigs, pebbles and fine dirt from the pool.



Unlike other manual cleaners, Red Leopard’s cleaners have the suction point as far forward as possible. This means dirt and debris is picked up as quickly as possible and not put into suspension in the water.


red leopard vanyl pool vacuum bypass valvesMost manual cleaners have the suction point centrally located, which means dirt and debris can be pushed out of the way and left in the pool. No chance of this with ours! The combination of the flexible disc and the forward suction gives it unrivaled debris pick-up.

red leopard vinyl vacuum hose connection

Swivel Hose Connection

The vinyl liner vacuum has a swivel connection for the hose, to make movement around
the pool easier and eliminate possible tangling and distortion of the hose.

red leopard vinyl pool vacuum bottom
Nylon bristles at front, rear and both sides ensure maximum scrubbing effect.

Bypass Valves

The Vinyl model is equipped with two spring loaded bypass valves. These
open automatically if too much suction is applied through the cleaner.
This considerably reduces the risk of damage to the pool vinyl liner.

Twin Pivot System

The leverage created by this makes changing direction quick and easy.
Steering a manual cleaner has never been easier or more accurate.
Maneuvering the cleaner around a pool is now almost effortless.
The Red Leopard manual cleaners have the unique Twin-Pivot System,
with two connection points located at the widest part of the cleaner.

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