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Bioguard’s best to shock, oxidize, buffer and clarify your water.

Contains blue algae killing crystals.

Treat and swim in as soon as 15 minutes.

Can be used with the 3 Step or Once a Week Bioguard Care System

The BioGuard Care System has three important parts that help you maintain crystal blue sparkling water. The first is sanitizer to control bacteria, the second is shock to destroy contaminants, and the third is preventative algicide to stop algae before it starts. all parts of the BioGuard Care System are vital to achieve beautiful water.

BioGaurd Maintain Smart Shock is the preferred shock product for the BioGuard Care System. Weekly use of BioGuard Maintain Smart Shock keeps your water crystal blue ad sparkling. Utilizing an advanced technology, this product performs multiple functions:

  • oxidizes organic contaminants that cause cloudy water, musty odors, and eye irritation
  • kills bacteria and algae as well as prevents algae growth
  • clarifies the water using a filter enhancer
  • buffers pH to provide brilliantly clear water with no cloudy residue without increasing pH

This premium shock is easy to use. Because it dissolves rapidly and is multifunctional, this product works fast and effectively. Resume swimming in as little as 15 minutes*. This product is suitable for all pool types.



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